UBC Photonics Research Lab Tour

May 18, 2016

Note: The description below is in English but please be advised our guide will be presenting in French.

The UBC Photonics Research Lab was founded in 2005 and directed by Prof. Lukas Chrostowski and Prof. Nicolas Jaeger. Our photonics research involves using light for applications including optical communications, medicine/biology, computing, and sensing. We are specifically researching silicon photonic integrated circuits (PICs or nanophotonics) to solve the communication bottle neck between the CPU and memory in computers, or to develop novel technologies with applications in environmental monitoring. Nanophotonics allows one to integrate optics onto electronic chips to design modulators, photodetectors, spectrometers, temperature sensing devices…

The visit will consist of a brief presentation followed by a lab tour showing the equipment and procedures to test nanophotonic devices and will show a demonstration of real-time bio-sensing

Tour Guide:

Loic Laplatine is a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department of the University of British-Columbia (UBC). He received a M. Eng Degree in Nanotechnologies from the “Institut National des Sciences Appliquees (INSA)” of Toulouse in 2010. He then started a PhD at CEA Grenoble on Surface Plasmon Resonance microscopy with application in biosensing for the health and food industry. At UBC, he is leading a project in collaboration with Luxmux, Calgary, on water quality monitoring. His research interests are in packaging and integration of active photonic integrated circuits for low-cost and mass produced biosensors.

Social after the tour: We will meet after the tour at Mahony & Sons Public House (5990 University Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6T), starting at 7:45PM.

A maximum group of 10 people is allowed at the same time in the lab. Because of that, we will organize one 30-minute tour and if it is sold out please sign up for the waiting list and we will try to arrange a second tour so that 20 curious people can have the chance to visit it!